Who is the Village's Assessor?

The Village contracts with Accurate Appraisal for all assessment services. All notices from Accurate Appraisal should contain their logo:


If you are unsure if a letter/document received is legitimate, please contact Accurate Appraisal directly at 800-770-3927 or the Village Administration office at 608-838-3153.

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1. Who is the Village's Assessor?
2. How does the Village do assessments for property within the Village?
3. Does an increase in my assessed value mean my taxes will increase?
4. Does the Village get to impose more taxes if my assessed value increases?
5. Does the Village have to notify me if they change my assessment?
6. I received a sales questionnaire from Accurate Appraisal. Is this legitimate?
7. Is there any way to know how much my tax bill increased due to a referendum?
8. What should I do to make sure I understand my assessment and that it is correct?
9. Why did my improved value increase on my assessment if I did not build anything or do any improvements to my home?