How do I file a complaint against an Officer?

In the instance that you feel you were in some way mistreated by an officer, felt that their actions were unreasonable, they were rude to you or that they violated Department policy, you should contact a McFarland Police Supervisor. Not every complaint will rise to the level of a formal complaint, and the supervisor will speak with you to determine the nature, scope, and depth of your complaint. He or she will then direct you to the best course of action based upon the facts of the situation.

Note that a complaint is not valid solely because you received a citation or were arrested and you do not agree with the officer’s decision; these situations need be settled through the court process. The complaint process is intended primarily for situations involving your perception of the officer’s conduct, adherence to department policy, and observance of your constitutional rights as a citizen.

The McFarland Police Department takes valid complaints very seriously and, in situations where such measures are necessary, will conduct an in-depth internal investigation. Because such a complaint against an officer is a very serious matter, you should also be aware that Wisconsin State Statute 946.66 provides for a serious penalty for any individual that files a false complaint regarding the conduct of a police officer. When appropriate, it is advisable to take some time to calm down and thoroughly think through what occurred prior to filing such a complaint.

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