Taylor Road Water Main Improvements

Speedway Sand and Gravel was awarded the contract for the Taylor Road Water Main Improvements project. The contractor will begin the water main replacement work on May 1st, with work beginning near the intersection of Taylor Road and Lexington. Residents have been mailed the following notice regarding the project and timeline. If there are any concerns or questions please contact Town & Country Engineering at 608-273-3350.

The scope of this project is to replace the existing 8-inch water main parallel to the drainage area between the northern end of Spartan Drive and the southern edge of Taylor Road and from that point to the intersection of Taylor Road and Lexington Street. The Village has an existing water main along this corridor that was installed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The water main has experienced multiple breaks recently. As the Village crews worked to repair the main breaks, they made assessments of the water main condition by observing samples of the interior and exterior of the pipe. These sections of pipe showed significant signs of premature deterioration. As a result of this assessment, replacement of this segment of water main has been planned for 2023. The project will involve the installation of approximately 1,450 lineal feet of new 8 inch water main. 

The new water main is planned for installation within the same corridors as the existing water main. Between the northern end of Spartan Drive and Taylor Road, the new main will be installed in the off street property area owned by the Village. The new main parallel to Taylor Road is planned for installation under the southern edge of the existing roadway. Due to the existing pavement condition of Taylor Road and lack of existing utilities, the water main along this area is being planned for trenchless installation. Trenchless installation for the southern half of the project will be evaluated for potential alternate bidding as well. The project is expected to be bid with alternate pipe material options for all project areas. 

View the proposed project design (PDF) for this project.

  • Public Works and Utilities Committee - December 21, 2022
    • Agenda Item 4a. Discussion and action to make a recommendation to the Village Board design approval for water main improvements along Taylor Road and authorize the project for bid.
  • Village Board - January 10, 2023
    • Agenda Item 4a6. Motion to approve the design as presented for water main improvements along Taylor Road and authorize the Village Engineer to bid for the project as recommended by the Public Works & Utilities Committee.