Lift Station #2

Lift Station #2, located along Pheasant Run, is in the process of planning for an upgrade. This station was constructed back in the last 1970's and is an underground steel-canned unit that houses the pumps and motors along with controls. This station handles over 50 percent of the village's daily volume of sewage pumped into Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District's conveyance pipes. Lift Station #2 is responsible for handling the ongoing growth on the east side of the village. Design work was conducted in 2022 in order to proceed with construction in 2023.

View the proposed project design (PDF) along with the base placement plan (PDF) for this project.

  • Public Works and Utilities Committee - December 21, 2022
    • Agenda Item 4b. Discussion and action to make a recommendation to the Village Board regarding Lift Station #2 design approval and authorize the project for bid.
  • Village Board - January 10, 2023
    • Agenda Item 4a4. Motion to approve the design of Lift Station #2 and authorize the Village Engineer to bid for the project as recommended by the Public Works & Utilities Committee.