Hydrant Helpers

Snowy Fire Hydrant

Lend a hand to help keep your neighborhood safe from fires during the winter months. Hydrant Helpers volunteer to "adopt" a hydrant to keep it free from snow and ice throughout the winter. Keeping hydrants cleared and visible will insure that in the event of a fire emergency, rescue professionals will be able to access the hydrant quickly and efficiently. Every second counts during a fire emergency, and the minutes spent by responders who must clear snow and ice from fire hydrants can be the difference between life and death.

Hydrants available for adoption are often located on the property of a homeowner who, due to age or ability is not able to complete the task independently. If you or someone you know would benefit from the assistance of a Hydrant Helper, please email McFarland Senior Outreach or call 608-838-7117.

To volunteer, proceed to the Hydrant Helper Sign Up.

Promptly after each snow event, please check the adopted fire hydrant to ensure that it is appropriately cleared:

  • Remove all snow and ice in a circle around the base of the hydrant for 3 feet in all directions.
  • Remove all snow and ice between the hydrant and the curb or street.
  • Like sidewalks, Village of McFarland Ordinance, Section 53-301 requires snow to be removed from fire hydrants within 24 hours of the snow accumulation ceasing.

If you have any questions, email the Volunteer Coordinator or call 608-838-2188.