Meeting Recordings

The Communications and Technology Department records government meetings for the Village of McFarland's boards and committees. Along with airing live on Spectrum cable channel 982 and TDS channel 1009, the recordings can be viewed on-demand on the McFarland Cable Channel Website. The recordings are done using several cameras, microphones, and in-room projector feeds so viewers can see and hear who is talking while viewing the in-room presentations. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to limit possible exposure to everyone involved, all public meetings are available to the public through Zoom, which can be accessed via a computer or telephone. In-person attendance is still permitted; however, the public is highly encouraged to attend remotely whenever possible.

Meeting links, phone numbers, and agendas are all available on the agendas, minutes, and packets page.

How to Attend Village Meetings Through Zoom

This short video was created by the Comm. and Tech. Department in order to help guide users on connecting to these meetings through Zoom.