Public Works and Utilities Committee

Powers & Duties

  • Preparing and recommending an annual budget to the Village Board reflecting needed expenditures and anticipated revenues for all Village utilities.
  • Recommending adjustments to sewer and stormwater rates and filing water rate modification requests with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission when authorized to do so by the Village Board.
  • Preparing and recommending to the Village Board a capital improvement plan for public improvements, facilities, vehicles and equipment.
  • Prepare and maintain a 10-year plan for road paving and utility capital improvements and replacements.
  • Develop policies for efficient operations and services delivery by the Public Works and Utilities departments, and evaluating the quality the service provided.
  • Review plans and specifications intended for public construction.  
  • Recommend to the Village Board the solicitation of bids for public construction projects and the award of contracts for such work.
  • Advising the Village Board on policies and programs involving the maintenance and construction of Village facilities, streets and sidewalks, solid waste management and recycling, and the maintenance and acquisition of public works vehicles and equipment.
  • Reviewing the Village’s official map on an annual basis and recommending appropriate changes to the Village Board.
  • Advising the Village Board on transportation matters, including local roads, highways, and pedestrian and bicycle corridors.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the Village Board and Plan Commission on land development and redevelopment proposals to the extent they affect public utilities or other public facilities.
  • Reviewing and facilitating the filing of required state, federal or other regulatory reports relating to public utilities and other facilities.
  • Performing such other functions as provided in this Code or as requested by the Village Board relating to public works and utilities.
  • Advising the Village Board on matters relating to the collection and disposition of solid waste and recyclable materials and the acquisition, maintenance and disposition of public works or utility vehicles and equipment.

Regular Meetings


  • 5 citizen members
  • 2 Village Trustees
  • 2-year terms

Agendas, Minutes, and Packets

Agendas and packets are posted publicly prior to the meeting while minutes are posted after being approved by the Committee.

View the most recent agendas, minutes, and packets.

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