Snow Removal

The Snow and Ice Control Program (PDF) involves all Public Works personnel and equipment in clearing over 26 miles of Village streets. Snow and ice removal is accomplished on a priority basis.

The number one priority is to make two passes through each street and open main thoroughfares to emergency facilities. The second priority is to push back snow from the streets to the curbs. After the snow has been pushed back to the curb, intersections will be pushed back. Snow removal service is also provided for Village parking lots and selected pedestrian/bike paths.

Clearing Snow

All snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours from the time snow ceases to accumulate, and sidewalks should be sprinkled with sand and/or salt to permit safe pedestrian travel. Snow should never be moved into the street as it can be hazardous to pedestrians and motorists, and is against Village ordinance.

Residents are also encouraged to clear snow from around fire hydrants and mailboxes as this helps to ensure access for emergency services and regular mail services.

Please read our Mailbox Policy (PDF) regarding snow removal.  

Snow Emergencies

A snow emergency may be declared when special measures must be taken to permit effective movement of traffic and to clear snow and ice from Village streets as a result of excessive accumulation of snow or other dangerous conditions. When a snow emergency is declared it is announced through local media outlets, on the local cable access Charter Channel 982, and posted on the Village website.

The announcement will indicate the time that the emergency is in effect and will prohibit the parking of any vehicle on all Village Streets during the Snow Emergency period vehicles can be ticketed and/or towed. Snow Emergency declarations in the Village are rare, but residents are reminded that whenever heavy snow is predicted a Snow Emergency declaration is possible.

Information on alternative parking areas and confirmation of Snow Emergency declarations can be obtained by calling the McFarland Police Department at 608-838-3151.

Pet Waste

It's very important to continue to pick up pet waste all year long, especially during winter. Pet waste left out in the winter will be encased in snow and ice, and can be carried with melt water when it warms up. Grassy areas that would normally allow for water to soak in may freeze and increase runoff, which allows the bacteria and nutrients in pet waste to make their way into storm drains. Contrary to popular belief, storm drainage is not treated at a sewage plant and is instead flows to the nearest lake or stream.