Excavation Permits

The Public Works Department issues the following types of permits in compliance with, and as required by, Wisconsin Statutes and/or the Village of McFarland Code of Ordinances. Further licenses and permits can be found on the Administration Department's Licenses and Permits page.

Excavation Permit Application

The Village recently changed the Code with regard to Excavation Permits including a new application and process. The new process will take place as followed:

  1. Completed Excavation Permit Applications (PDF) are to be emailed to Public Works.
  2. Received applications will be reviewed for insurance forms and specifications (if applicable).
  3. Received applications will be reviewed by the Public Works Director.
  4. After the reviews are complete, the applicant will be notified of the necessary fees for the application.
  5. The completed and approved permit will be sent to the applicant after payment has been received by Village Administration.