School Resource Officer

During the school year, the Department commits a full-time police officer solely to the function of working within our school campuses. The officer's role is not only to maintain safety and order, but also to serve as a mentor and informational resource to students and school employees.

While a large portion of the officer's time is spent in the High School, the officer regularly visits and patrols all of the campuses. The program is funded jointly by the Village and the School District, each paying for half of the officer's annual salary.

  1. Joel Zietsma

    Joel Zietsma

    School Resource Officer


    Officer Zietsma joined the department in late 2016 and is currently the School Resource Officer (SRO). Officer Zietsma comes to us from the Madison area, and has prior experience in law enforcement. Officer Zietsma holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.