Financial Assistance

Village Financial Assistance Programs

Requests for financial assistance with building construction projects are referred to the Village's Community Development Authority for review and recommendation to the Village Board. In most instances, projects requesting financial assistance will be located within one of the Village's Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Districts. Please consult the Village's TIF Development Incentives Policy Manual and Application (PDF) for guidance on the submittal, review, and approval of requests for financial assistance.

Local Financial Institutions

There are two financial institutions within the Village, McFarland State Bank and Associated Bank.

Other Financial Assistance Agencies & Programs

The following is a list of agencies and funding resources that may be available other than traditional financing.

COVID-19 Information

Check out COVID-19 Resources for Businesses.

The Capital Connections document includes a comprehensive database of other federal, state, and county financial tools available for businesses and economic development projects in the Madison region. The other two documents include resources for businesses related to the COVID-19 outbreak.